Construction of water filtration stations

Project Description

Municipality of Vrapciste charged EUROVIA for the Project Implementation Agreement Construction of water filtration stations in the villages Negotino and Dobridole to provide clean and pure water. With water so important to our lives, it’s hardly surprising we like it clean, pure, and tasty. The project will be built under a turnkey process, this new 400 m2  water treatment facility is going to meet the future needs of the villages.

This project is unique in the amount of treatment systems utilized in the treatment process to produce the high quality water that the villages are using.

Project Features

Investor: Municipality of Vrapciste
Location: Negotino-Polosko & Dobridole
Surface: 400 m2
Capacity: 30 L/sec
Year Completed: 2020
Investment Value: 74,000,000 MKD