Responsible Business

Our Responsible Business Plan helps us define how we put our commitments into practice both nationally and regionally, and how we will continue to make improvements

In order to achieve this, we need to align our business objectives with the needs and expectations of our people, our customers, our supply chain partners and our wider stakeholders, and doing business responsibly has never been more important.


Building on these total commitments, we’ve developed our own Responsible Business Plan to help us define how we put these commitments into practice both nationally and regionally, and how we will continue to make improvements

The plan will support us in working towards our vision and help reinforce our position as a leader in the industry. To make this real, we have established a set of Construction-specific commitments. We encourage and empower our teams to help us translate the plan into reality.


We know that the construction and regeneration sectors have a huge role to play in creating a sustainable environment, and we are taking seriously our responsibility for helping reduce carbon emissions for the benefit of our local communities – both now and into the future, these objectives are set out by our carbon reduction plan.

Which is why we place environmental awareness at the centre of our projects, and the decision-making processes surrounding the way we build.

By working collaboratively with our customers and supply chain partners, our teams have made significant strides in recent years to develop and deliver our projects in a sustainable way, from reduced travel or greener modes of transport for material deliveries, eco-friendly fuel options and a focus on the best possible sustainable materials for the job in hand.

However there is lots more to do, and we remain fully committed to minimising our environmental impact by implementing a range of measures through our Responsible Business Plan – a measurable and accountable demonstration of our commitment to delivering our Total Commitments, which are fully aligned to the UN Sustainable Goals.