Our philosophy

Learning from construction, living construction

Whatever sector of the construction industry or the respective project we are dealing with, a variety of factors and eventualities need to be taken into account. To this end we apply a great deal of measures and procedures that are all honed onto one single goal: the finished project. Be it the renewal of a section of track or the completion of a new residential building, we always aim for ensuring stability and safety, and customer satisfaction. It is then logical to also formulate and implement our company philosophy along these principles.

Forming the foundation

The best material, the most modern machines and the most in-depth planning process are worthless, if there are no competent and motivate specialists to bring all these factors together successfully. We see it as our duty to create a company culture that employees can actively experience in practice, be it the modern rooms in our headquarters or at the construction site.

We organise comprehensive in-house training courses to continuously improve the company’s level of know-how. The focused yet relaxed and trusting working climate also plays a role in ensuring that the company profits from the knowledge taught in-house. Employees often work for the company for many years, and reliability and team spirit is ever present – and this in turn ensures optimum work results, which is an important prerequisite for excellence in every situation. Another important goal at Eurovia Group is ensuring a good work-life balance. We have also introduced a sophisticated QM system (DIN EN ISO 9001) to ensure sustainable quality and performance in all areas.

Stability and security

They are two factors that we always pay careful attention to – not just in terms of our personnel, but also in a technical and corporate context. To meet our own performance standards, we apply the principles of construction philosophy, and ensure that our foundation is supported by two additional pillars.

In addition to our workforce, our success is also heavily dependent in the machine and equipment we use. We have developed and continue to expand our own technically optimised machine pool so that we are able to take first place in all areas of the international track construction market , because customers know that our absolute flexibility and speed will keep the downtimes on their tracks to a minimum. In addition, our high technical standards and core competence in track construction are the best qualifications for developing other business fields in the construction industry.

Since its humble beginnings, Eurovia family has endeavoured to pursue a healthy growth strategy which is underscored by the strong sense of responsibility laid out in the company policy. In particular, the continuous reinvestment of profits has created a financially strong Group that is distinguished by its ability to achieve amazing things in terms of innovation and investment, without any financial uncertainties.

Humans, machines, responsibility

Three strong pillars, one declared goal: to guarantee stability and security for our company, employees and our clients. And in doing this, we fall back on what we do best and put it into a modern and flexible setting. This is how our corporate philosophy continues to learn from construction principles so that we can continue building successfully in the future.