Supply Chain

Working together with our supply chain

Acknowledging the valuable role of supply chain partners in delivering exceptional customer experiences and enhancing communities, your business is committed to maintaining strong relationships with them. To ensure that Eurovia Construction remains the preferred partner, your business will prioritize open and clear communication, collaboration, fairness, performance metrics, and recognition. By following these guidelines, your business can foster a sense of partnership and loyalty among supply chain partners, ultimately leading to continued success in delivering exceptional customer experiences and improving communities.

Our suppliers are our partners, essential to our success. Our supply chain culture is positive and robust, allowing us to consistently exceed customer expectations and enhance the local communities where we work.

We take pride in our committed supply chain partners who share our values and are dedicated to achieving 100% Safe and Perfect Delivery. Like us, they strive to create best practices in the construction industry by collaborating and sharing innovative ideas.

By acting with professionalism, honesty, and transparency, our supply chain partners ensure that every project is delivered to the highest standard, exceeding our customers’ expectations. We’re proud of our supply chain partners and their efforts to embody our values.

Our preferred supply chain partners

We value and appreciate our top performing supply chain partners, and reward them by inviting them to become Preferred Partners with whom we have developed a strong and trusting relationship over time. To ensure their continued high performance and proactive support, we review their status annually.

Our Preferred Supply Chain Partners collaborate with us in supporting our customers with the design and development of their construction projects. They engage early to provide technical support and advice, and work with us to achieve Perfect Delivery on site.

In return for their exceptional performance, our Preferred Partners enjoy a more structured relationship engagement, with the appointment of a senior point of contact within their sponsor business unit. They benefit from opportunities for repeat work and to grow our relationship, as well as the advantage of zero retention being held.

We actively seek opportunities to partner with our Preferred subcontractors on relevant projects, and foster close working relationships at all levels in our respective businesses.

Reward and recognition

At our company, we strongly believe in recognizing and rewarding our suppliers for their contributions to our consistently high standards of delivery. We have various ways of showing our appreciation, such as awarding our suppliers with preferred status or recognizing their contribution to a project by awarding them with Perfect Delivery. We strive to create exceptional experiences for our customers, and we recognize that our suppliers play a significant role in achieving this goal.


As our business grows and evolves, we actively seek out new businesses who are interested in becoming part of our supply chain. This includes entering new geographical areas and adjusting our work mix. If you’re interested in joining our supply chain, you’ll need to be sponsored by one of our regional business units. They’ll then invite you to undertake a pre-qualification process via Builders Profile.

If you’re interested in registering your interest in joining our supply chain and being pointed to the relevant regional business unit contact, you can click here. We look forward to hearing from you.



We are a national construction company that delivers local services through regional businesses and a network of offices across the country.

As a result, we collaborate with a significant number of SMEs, and we take pride in these relationships as they support both North Macedonia’s enterprise and local and regional economies.

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