Building Construction & Civil Engineering

Eurovia has designed and built exceptional architectural structures in North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

Our projects were designed on the principle of bringing together science and art to complement function and form.
Our Lean approach to new construction projects provides clients with collaborative services and integrated field technologies.

As your collaborative partner, we provide core construction services combined with emerging technology tools in the field that result in satisfied clients, time and again. Our clients and partners benefit with improved project results that meet or exceed targeted, team key performance criteria.

Eurovia Group designed, constructed and equipped various structures such as:


With hospitals, shopping centres, universities and schools, housing projects or leisure properties as well as commercial properties ranging from office buildings to logistics centres, Eurovia Group’s service portfolio comprises all types of structures.


  • Office and Administration Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings and Hotels
  • Research Centres
  • Universities & Schools
  • Housing
  • Hospitals
  • Refurbishment and Conversion of Existing Buildings


Eurovia Group has over 10 years of experience in industrial construction such as power plants, cement, steel and petrochemical plants. In close cooperation with our customers, we establish the best design and optimize construction methods to perfectly suit their specific needs.


  • Production Plants
  • Processing and Administration Buildings
  • Petroleum Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
  • Grain Silos
  • Cement Works


Eurovia leverages the design-build approach with a collaborative teaming environment that fulfills multiple parallel objectives, such as aesthetic and functional quality, budget and schedule management.


With a focus on quality, efficient use of funding, timely decision-making and risk mitigation, the design-build delivery system continues to gain momentum for diverse construction initiatives within both the public and private realms. Clients around the globe turn to Eurovia for their design-build projects.

You will benefit from:

Collaboration – Eurovia’s offers an operational environment focused on collaboration, integrating all team members throughout design and construction, and incorporating Lean technologies.
Efficient operations– Eurovia has a strong management team with recent, practical and relevant design-build knowledge from broad portfolio of projects.
Balancing time and money – Eurovia analyzes all components of the cost equation simultaneously to determine the best solution for the optimal outcome. The result is a facility that achieves your objectives and stays within the schedule and budget parameters.
Integration of technology – Eurovia’s VDC services maximize technology to provide thorough analysis of phasing, evaluation of design and scope features, as well as promote collaboration among all team members.

  • Renovation

    Challenges of renovating existing facilities differ greater than new building construction. The unknown factor of unknown conditions combined with coordination in and around occupied facilities elevates the importance of a project execution plan delivered by the right team. As your collaborative partner, we provide core construction services combined with emerging technology tools that result in satisfied clients, time and again. Our clients and partners benefit from improved project results that meet or exceed targeted, team key performance criteria.

    In the field, project information is transmitted in real-time, utilizing tablet technology and a suite of applications that keep clients and building partners updated on the status of day-to-day construction field operations.

  • Projects Controls

    Eurovia has invested in integrated project management tools, each of which offers particular benefits for various activities. Mobile applications provide real time reporting to accelerate informed decision making throughout a project.

    Smartapp – Eurovia’s proprietary management technology was developed to foster a collaborative environment. It is our primary tool for the management of RFIs, submittals and daily reports, as well as other project logs for field team members. Multiple “smart applications” are easily adapted for each particular project to provide flexible reporting options and informative dashboard views relaying critical project data.

    BIM 360 Field – This best-in-class technology offers exceptional flexibility and efficiency in managing the quality process, issue logs and punchlist. Autodesk’s BIM 360 software provides streamlined and user-friendly quality data collection and customized reporting capabilities via a secure mobile tablet device. Information syncs within the master project database via the web.

    Bluebeam – Bluebeam offers capabilities to share other project-related documents such as photos and schedules to facilitate collaborative review and electronically manage and share drawings.

  • Trade Contractor Management

    Eurovia offers a proven process to qualify and manage a wide range of subcontractors who exceed your expectations.


    We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you to help grow your business to reach new milestones.Integrating collaborative building teams for clients includes having the right subcontracting companies and tradespeople on site. For generations, our reputation has been built on the quality of our work, thanks in large part to the strong subcontractor relationships we have in areas all over the world.
    We accomplish this by working with you in the prequalification process, committing to prompt payment and providing measurable opportunities for small and diverse subcontractors.


    In our Eurovia Cares culture, concern for workers drives the actions that support our safety systems. Project managers and their teams care about the contractors on our projects and stay focused on following appropriate procedures. The number of accidents on our projects is considerably lower than the industry average and we’ve earned numerous industry honors as one of the safest contractors in North Macedonia.


When you choose Eurovia to be your partner in the building process, you’re getting more than unmatched construction expertise. Our culture of safety, ethics and core values mean that you always get a construction partner who is:

Safe: We make every decision with the highest regard to the safety and well-being of our families, partners and clients. Our unwavering commitment to safety raises the bar for the entire industry.
Ethical: We practice the highest standards of ethics in everything we do. You can always count on us to be honest and transparent, and consistently exhibit the highest level of integrity.
Client-focused: We put the focus on you: anticipating needs, solving problems and helping you to make the right decisions.
Interconnected: We are a diverse and connected group of professionals. No matter the market, service or geographic region, we create efficiencies for you by leveraging our deep pool of expertise and knowledge.
Engaged: We strive to be good neighbors, both locally and globally. We are interested in understanding other cultures, sharing the Eurovia culture and engaging in community outreach. Our goal is to know our clients and partners as well as we know each other.
Over and over, we return to our principles of unshakable integrity, a spirit of partnership and client advocacy and, above all, trust.