Residential Premise BLEMEDIKA

EUROVIA commenced BLEMEDIKA in Tetovo to construct a modern medical Complex. Multifunctional Medical Centre was designed as a modern health complex that shall provide high quality standard healthcare services. Façade of the building has been designed using the modern materials and suitable colours in harmony with city architecture.

As a Turnkey project our professional and highly qualified team ensured every phase of the project: earthworks, external utilities, reinforced concrete works, electrical works, architectural and facade works, internal finishing and interior design.


Location: 29 Noemvri, 1220, Tetovo
Area: 2,800 m2
Investment value: 74,200,000 MKD

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Blemedika LTD



74,200,000 MKD



Tetovo, North Macedonia








The residential Premise BLEMEDIKA is located in Tetovo, the capital of North Macedonia.

The project, designed with the aim of creating a reference for its immediate surroundings, is a nut and local products store located at the intersection of two main streets in the area where the residential settlements of the city are dense. As a result of the environmental analysis, it was decided that there would be two entrances and exits in the project to meet the pedestrian flow that could come from both street directions.

The exhibition units planned along the lateral façade line also became part of the showcase and were designed in niches defined by the structure. Also, The Blemedika project is an interpretation of this typology and way of life adapted to apartment life. Each apartment in the project is designed in the size and comfort of a detached residence. Each apartment in the building has its own infinity pool and sun terrace. 
Considered as the first step of concept retailing, the project turned into a passage with pleasure, and offered an alternative to achieve a different result with similar budgets in the surrounding structures.

The building aims to be both new and timeless with its fiction and design, to present a complex architecture to its location in the city and to the thousands of people who will pass in front of it with mass movements from all directions.

Eurovia’s team did a complete build out of our project. Their quality of work is superior. They came in and did the design, and they finished ON TIME! The construction crew was professional, clean and courteous. I would highly recommend them for their any remodel project you are considering.” – Blerim Emini, Owner of BLEMEDIKA.

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