Orizari Residence, Shuto Orizari

Residential Building – Orizari Residence

In the northern part of Skopje, in the municipality of Shuto Orizari, in a frequented and visible location, we created a new attractive residential and commercial building with a harmonious and warm note that captivates both from the outside and inside. An ideal place to live that offers real enjoyment for everyone’s taste, satisfying all needs and desires with modern and luxurious housing conditions.


Investor: Eurovia DOOEL
Location: Hadji Jovan Shishkov, Shuto Orizari, Skopje
Area: 6 000 m2
Investment value: 142,000,000 MKD

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Eurovia DOOEL



142,000,000 MKD



Hadji Jovan Shishkov, Shuto Orizari, Skopje








ORIZARI RESIDENCE is a residential and commercial building, a new oasis located in the Shuto Orizari neighborhood which is characterized by a special aesthetic and impressive architecture built according to the world’s highest standards in architecture and construction. The developed gross area is 4409 m², total
building plot is 1298 m², while the building area is 735 m². Created by two types of business facilities and ten types of different apartments, distributed in three floors and an attic which correspond to the modern way of life to satisfy the various possibilities and needs of the people.

The object ORIZARI RESIDENCE is located on st. “Hadji Jovan Shishkov”, municipality of Shuto Orizari, Skopje, which merges with st. “Shuto Orizari”, and connects with Blvd. Slovenia, where it connects directly to the city center area. The location of the residential building gives direct connection to all that is necessary for the development of a modern one life.
In the narrower environment of the residential building, in the immediate vicinity are located:
Shuto Orizari Municipality, Shutka Market, Infirmary, primary schools, secondary schools, playgrounds, financial companies, bus stops, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Following the latest world trends in construction we have carefully selected the best partners, reputable materials manufacturing companies. For the construction of this facility, we used only the highest quality construction materials, solutions for achieving maximum thermal and sound insulation and the most innovative construction technologies that provide long-term, safe and aseismically stable facilities.
All building materials and built-in installations meet the applicable technical conditions and standards in terms of construction, fire safety, heat and sound insulation, moisture protection and energy efficiency.

I take pride in our team’s dedication to delivering a safe, visually appealing, and environmentally conscious residential and commercial building in Shuto Orizari, Skopje.

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