Reconstruction of the collapsed wall and the entrance of Tetovo's Fortress – Baltepe

Reconstruction of the collapsed wall and the entrance of Tetovo’s Fortress – Baltepe.
The Tetovo Fortress is a ruined fortress and archaeological site in Tetovo, North Macedonia. Because of its location on a hill called Baltepe, it is also known as Baltepe Fortress.


Investor: NI Conservation Centre – Skopje
Location: Baltepe Fortess, Tetovo
Investment value: 900,000 MKD

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NI Conservation Centre – Skopje



900,000 MKD



Baltepe Fortess, Tetovo






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At our company, we took a meticulous and comprehensive approach to the reconstruction of the walls and entrance of the Baltepe Fortress in Tetovo. Our aim was to ensure the preservation of historical authenticity while incorporating modern construction techniques.

We began by conducting a thorough assessment of the current state of the walls and entrance of the Baltepe Fortress. This includes evaluating the structural integrity, identifying any damage or deterioration, and understanding the historical significance of the site.

Based on the site assessment and historical research, we developed a comprehensive restoration plan. This plan outlined the necessary steps, materials, and timelines for the project, ensuring that we adhere to local regulations and preservation guidelines.

We prioritized the structural stability of the walls and entrance. This involves repairing or reinforcing any weakened or damaged sections. We employed engineering techniques to ensure the long-term durability and safety of the restored elements.

Throughout the restoration process, we worked in close collaboration with heritage preservation authorities and local communities. We respect and honor the cultural heritage of the fortress, seeking their input and incorporating their feedback whenever possible.

After the reconstruction was complete, we provided recommendations for ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity of the restored walls and entrance. This may include periodic inspections, cleaning, and preventive measures to protect the fortress from future damage.

I live in Tetovo, and I think the way they’re fixing the walls and entrance of the Baltepe Fortress is great.
I’m excited to see the fortress restored and proud that they’re taking care of our history.

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