Indoor Pool – Tetovo

Taking care of the younger generations and their needs to be active and sporty, Eurovia started the work of the construction of the first indoor swimming pool in Tetovo. The project will provide new opportunities for all sports lovers and will take sports to the next level.

This project started with the consultation of some sports workers, who showed that it is necessary to build such sports infrastructure, like swimming pools, in order to develop sports not only in Skopje, but in all other municipalities and cities, and thus we raise the sporting conditions and standards. We believe that building the future can only happen through investing in young people and we continue to work with all our strength to move our country forward. The project took place near the Sports Center of Tetovo.


Investor: Agency for Youth and Sport
Location: Tetovo
Area: 670 m2
Investment value: 43,000,000 MKD

At a Glance



Agency for Youth and Sport



43,000,000 MKD









Leisure & Community


We started the construction of the first indoor swimming pool in Tetovo with enthusiasm and a commitment to providing a top-notch facility for the community. We understand the importance of offering a space where individuals of all ages can enjoy swimming and water-based activities year-round. We prioritize creating an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, with features such as proper ventilation, temperature control, and efficient water treatment systems. We pay meticulous attention to details such as pool depth, lane configurations, and accessibility to accommodate a wide range of swimmers. Safety is our utmost priority, and we incorporate measures such as lifeguard stations, safety equipment, and secure access control to ensure a secure swimming environment. Additionally, we strive to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere by incorporating amenities such as changing rooms and showers. We have delivered an exceptional indoor swimming pool that promotes physical fitness, recreational enjoyment, and community engagement.

The construction company has put a lot of effort into creating a safe and enjoyable space for us to swim and have fun all year round. This new facility will not only improve our fitness but also bring our community closer together. I am grateful to the construction company for making this dream a reality and I can’t wait to start using the indoor swimming pool.

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