Regulation of the riverbed of Otljanska river in vlg. Otlja

Project Description

With this project one of the main activities is the arrangement of the riverbed of the river Otljanksa in the village of Otlja , which will be  reconstructed the most critical part of the river which causes big problems when the water comes.

Within the implementation it is planned cleaning of the riverbed, setting up cascading thresholds, a quay wall, arranging the bottom, building stairs and ramps in order to create access to the river and reduce the negative consequences of the floods and raise public awareness among the population by involving the youngest through implement outdoor activities for tree planting and afforestation of the river basin.

Project Features

Investor: Government Of The Republic Of North Macedonia
Financier: TAV Macedonia LTD
Location: Village Otlja, Kumanovo
Surface Area:
Investment Value: