Tetovo’s First Indoor Pool

Project Description

Taking care of the youngest generation and their needs in being active and sporty, Eurovia started work with constructing of the first indoor swimming pool in Tetovo. The project will provide new opportunities for all sports lovers and will take sports to the next level.

This project started with the consultation of a few sports workers, who indicated that it is necessary to build such sports infrastructure, such pools, in order to develop the sport not only in Skopje, but in all other municipalities and cities, and thus we raise sports conditions and standards. We believe that building the future can only happen through investing in the youth and we continue working with all our strength to carry our country forward.

The project will take place near Tetovo Sports Center. The construction period of the pool is 18 months.

Project Features

Investor: Youth and Sports Agency
Location: Tetovo
Surface: 670 m2
Year Completed: 2021
Investment Value: 43,000,000 MKD