Industrial facility – Digital Imaging, Skopje

Project Description

With a total of 6600 m² construction area POLYESTERDAY Digital Imaging is located in the industrial zone Vizbegovo, Skopje and is one of the greatest printing centers in the region. POLYESTERDAY Digital Imaging is a turnkey project, the Ferrocement construction makes this building more special. The required raw materials are sand, cement small diameter wires and wire mesh.

The advantages of a well built ferroconcrete construction are the low weight, maintenance costs and long lifetime in comparison with purely steel constructions. Quality of ferrocement works are assured because the components are manufactured on machinery set up and execution time at work site is less. Cost of maintenance is low. This material has come into widespread use only in construction in the last two decades.

Project Features

Investor: Polyesterday DOOEL
Location: Vizbegovo, Skopje
Surface Area: 6,600 m2
Year Completed: 2018
Investment Value: 216,000,000 MKD