Self-service Car Wash Building and Construction

Project Description

Design and construction of  2000 m2 area carwash in Skopje. Construction works of the project includes designing, planning, and clearing the working area. Specific of this  project was asphalting. Many types of asphalts occur as viscous impregnations in sand stones, silt-stones, and lime-stones. After treatment to remove water and volatile constituents, the asphalts are fused at 54–60 °C and contain about 83% carbon. Most of the asphalts are of marine origin and consist of the high-molecular weight compounds normally present in petroleum residue.

Project Features

Investor: Private
Location: St. Boris Trajkovski, Skopje
Surface Area: 2,000 m2
Year Completed: 2019
Investment Value: 5,000,000 MKD