Business Center – EUROVIA Holding

Project Description

With high quality internal architectural finishes and an aesthetic external glazed façade, project’s total construction area is 2000 m2 and is located in Zelino, Macedonia. The building has a reinforced concrete structure cast in-situ. The foundations, columns, beams and slabs are formed of reinforced concrete, together with the staircases, using a conventional formwork system. The project counts 10 business offices, two kitchens, 6 bathrooms, a warehouse, front and back parking lot.

EUROVIA is responsible for all of the following construction and installation works:
– earthworks (excavation, backfill),
– external utilities,
– reinforced concrete works,
– mechanical works,
– electrical works,
– architectural and facade works,
– vertical transportation,
– internal finishing including furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Project Features

Investor: Eurovia Holding DOOEL
Location: Zhelino, Tetovo
Surface Area: 2000 m2
Year Completed: 2017
Investment Value: 93,000,000 MKD