Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Elmedin Ademi is the Chief Executive Officer at Eurovia Group. Elmedin expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur since at his young age.
In 2010 founded the Eurovia Group, which today operates in 3 different countries with more than 6 affiliated companies in various fields.
His first business venture, was at the age of 22, with founding one of the largest and most successful outdoor advertising companies today Screen Media.

Eurovia construction company is the Core Business of Eurovia Group. Eurovia as a construction company was founded in 1978 and it was taken over by Elmedin Ademi as his family legacy in 2010, becoming one of the most important members for this Group of companies.
His entrepreneurial path continues with establishing Talenta in 2016 as a business development and research company. A company that today plays one of the main roles into decision making process regarding New Business Development for Eurovia Group. The Group continues to grow under the leadership of Elmedin Ademi year by year. In 2017 was founded Eurovia DMD a distribution company for HoReCa and FMCG Products.
His entrepreneurship reaches a totally different level in 2019, as being the year during which Eurovia Group under the supervision of Elmedin Ademi, enters the Albanian and Kosovo market, with its Real Estate Investment Projects. Also, during this year the Group welcomes its newest member – Energovia a company which will open the doors into production and sales of power energy by investing into Hydropower Plant.

In 2020 during the COVID – 19 Outbreak as a result of the Eurovia adaptation to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the fact that business has to play a very important role in the process; Elmedin Ademi founded Eurovia Foundation with one and only goal Call to Action that would mobilize efforts to deal with the consequences of the Global Pandemic Crisis.